We are a dynamic team of people who are passionate about financial markets. As the markets are always on the move, so we are. We are looking for new challenges, seeking a possibility to make things better and more efficient, and improve the services we offer to our clients.

As an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, Libra Brokers follows the principle of equal opportunities regarding its hiring and promotion strategy. With the continuous growth of Libra Brokers, we are always looking for talent, irrelevant of their level of professionalism and experience. We take pride in our commitment to our staff and in the way we help them advance in their career.

As a leader in Online trading, we’re always searching for talented people to help us cement our position and strongly believe that the development of our staff is crucial to the ongoing success of the company.

As we are dynamically developing, we may also search for potential employees for specific positions . In such a case they will be posted on this page.