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Ultimate trading technology for both beginners
and experienced trader

Libra Brokers provides its clients with the MT5, a member of the industry’s leading MetaTrader Family. Following the successful legacy of its predecessor, the MT5 is an all-in-one trading platform with a user friendly interface and easy to use functionalities allowing traders to analyze the markets, place orders and manage their own risk all with a single click;
Traders can also manage several trading accounts simultaneously, not to mention its cutting edge technology which includes a web based solution enabling traders to trade at any time from any device and from anywhere in the world!

MetaTrader 5 defines a new generation of trading platforms – a powerful tool for trading on financial markets with Libra Brokers. If you are just starting, you will find MetaTrader 5 an easy to use and intuitive software that will allow you to make the most of your first trading experience.

Advanced traders will enjoy the feature-rich environment that gives practically unlimited possibilities to trade, analyze the price dynamics and automatize the trading process using expert advisors.

Follow all the markets from a single trading platform, test your market ideas on our demo account and enjoy trading with just one click. This and much more.

Trade your market ideas with MetaTrader 5

One-Click-Trading – get in the trade quickly using unique one-click technique
Various types of orders available, including 6 types of pending orders and trailing stop.
Streaming market prices. All the price actions reflected in real time on customisable charts .
Information and statistics of the trading account provided in real time.
Multi-language support.
Export the history of the transactions to Excel format.

Analyse the price dynamics

More than 79 analytical tools, supporting such techniques as Elliot, Fibonacci and Gann.
21 timeframes available for each financial instrument, including 2-minute and 4-hour charts .
Up to 100 charts opened simultaneously, including line charts, bars and Japanese candles.
Customisable windows, colour schemes, analytical templates and profiles enhance the technical analysis experience.